Our greatest responsibility is to be a good ancestor.

Jonas Salk
Born out of a desire to keep the storytelling tradition within families alive, our books are as loved by their subjects, as they are by the younger generations who enjoy the treasures within.

Anna, the founder, on the importance of picture life books: “Coming from a family that had a rich tradition of telling stories around the dinner table, I wanted to nurture the intimacy and sense of belonging that has provided context for where I fit in the world. The connections we make through sharing our past encourage us to step back and think about who we are and what part we play within our family and community."

picture life books began when Anna’s mother turned 80, and was the result of a collaboration between the two. Her mom talked, and Anna wrote, creating a book, but more importantly, a better understanding between them. As Anna heard family tales that were new to her, she was struck by the near tragedy of having almost lost them. So, she set about helping others preserve their histories.