Kacey + Rossi: Working From Afar

_U1G7798IMG_5598My clients Rossi and Kacey are all over the place.  They live in Southern California but spend a lot of time in Colorado and Arkansas with their families.  When I first met them, Kacey was working in Northern California and then Missouri, while Rossi was making his way across country for a reality show that involved, well, making one’s way across country.

Here is Rossi is on the set of “Temptation” with his parents.  I think it’s pretty cool that they all get chairs with their own names on them.


Below, Kacey (right), with her twin sister Kate, are shown on tour with their band, Kate and Kacey.  They recorded albums and toured the US, playing the country circuit.

IMG_1296 copy

Here is another picture I love, taken in Red Rock, Nevada.  I know I am old when I wonder what that weird thing is they all do that thing with their fingers…..

k&K band Red Rock

So yes, these are busy people, and I continue to be amazed that despite living out of suitcases in different states, it was a priority for them to make their book happen. While Kacey and Rossi had already decided to commemorate their courtship and wedding, they decided to add a few chapters about parents and ancestors, symbolizing the union of two families that have become so close._U1G4231 copyRWOC_1

In future posts, I will explain in more detail how we went about making this exciting book.


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