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Hello and welcome to my first blog post.  I founded picture life a few years ago to preserve as many of our stories and photographs as possible.  Usually done in books, blogging seems a great opportunity to try a different medium.

I have always been an enthusiastic observer of human nature.  As a teenager, one of my favorite things to do was sit at Grand Central under the Kodak picture, watching people.  Not a surprise that much of my career has been in HR… interviewing.  And now, happily, more of the same.  Understanding people is clearly my life’s work.

So, photographs and their stories, that’s what I’m thinking about for this blog, starting  with the images from the picture life website.  Then I’ll be featuring some client stories, and hopefully yours (check out the submit page for more information on how to do this).  Thanks for reading.

The pic above, here’s the 411.  I have a much adored cousin who sails in and out of our lives with delightful irregularity, bringing her great spirit, tidiness gene and lots of heavy luggage.  She can be relied upon to clean out the freezer, the fridge, and sometimes even the cabinets within the first 24 hours, even with jet lag.  Admittedly, all sorely needed.

The day before my family was due to leave for holiday in Spain, she sped off and procured the necessary rolls that would organize the six or seven years of coins we had amassed.  Then she dumped everything on the kitchen table and started sorting.  Some hours later, she carefully packed up her iphone, ipad, imac and kindle and whisked off to wherever she was going next.  England?  Perhaps.

“But what about the coins, you forgot the coins”, I yelled out the window as she disappeared into Terminal C.  So I went home and took way too many hours (lots of recounting) to pack up the bloody coins that netted us a few extra Magnum ice creams and Estrella Damms, with which we toasted my much beloved cousin.


2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. I get such joy in reading your stories. While my writing is so “factual” and boring…. you can take the same situation and write in such a lovely descriptive way and with so much humor.

    I wish you’d write a book!

  2. Hi Anna! What a great first blog entry! I love the coin fairy story. Can’t wait to read what you write next!

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