things have lives

IMG_4834I have always been struck by the way my daughter’s things, strewn around the room, speak to me in her absence, as though they contain some essence of her that rubbed off last time she touched whatever it was.  When she was little, it was often her most loved items, now, it’s whatever I see lying around.  Doing the mad-before the cleaning lady-dash this morning, all that junk on her bedside table seemed to say so much about who she is right now, stuck between being a kid and whatever that next thing is.

So, I decided to have at it.

Here is Philip’s.  Love of the natural world shows up, practicality (tissue box, clock with big numbers so we can see it at night) and good intention (good-for-you books that have sat there for many years), a book his dad gave to Nat, a book we gave him for his birthday called This Explains Everything, a Judy Blume book (?), some mini boxes Nat made some years ago, an old Atlantic, and a pen, always a pen, though it’s usually in the drawer with the pad of paper.  Philip does a lot of designing at night and in the early morning.


And mine.  Same linen that was my grandmother’s that I don’t really like but feel guilty about throwing away or giving away because I’ve already got rid of all her other stuff that I didn’t really need (for example, the beautiful china toast holder).  Also, it hasn’t been laundered in a few years.  Favorite hand cream that I remember to put on in the winter but then abandon come spring, trusty Morning Pages notebook and most favoritest fountain pen that Philip bought me to write my pages with, Swan matches that remind me of my dad, book I’m currently reading about Zen and sports/winning, another book about businesses that choose to be small and good, a third book that Nat’s kindergarten teacher gave me to read to Nat about spirituality and world religions that has sat there since, well, close to kindergarten, book about color that I saw at the V&A and then ordered on Amazon when I got home, that I have not yet delved into.  Tub of moisturizer left by my most favorite Australian cousin that is almost done but not quite that I can’t throw away and aim to use on my legs in these early, awkward, white dry-skinned bare legged tennis days.


Claudia’s:  Mine includes bird dish I use for jewelry (from Sarah), photos of mom, nighttime dental guard in the blue case so my dentist won’t yell at me, water carafe from good friend to whom I always give my room when she visits, lavender spray for my pillow at night, requisite tissues/phone and deodorant because I can’t be bothered to go into the bathroom when I dress in my bedroom!



Gioia:  Monuments Men book (want to read before seeing movie, half way through), Sports Illustrated issue on Marathon (also half read), Shape magazine (aspirational), Pierce reads book (competed, read with Nina), lip balm (a must), old school clock radio, instructions on new online access for work email (recently installed). Plus Nina’s earrings and a stray playmobil!

photo 2

PLEASE!  Send me yours with a note about what things are.  I’ll add to this post.

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