architect of my own destiny


It’s hard to describe the way I felt after saying goodbye to our most mirthful daughter, who we will be without for two weeks. Pleasantly unmoored?  Perhaps.  Aimless, after getting rained off Bristol Beach in Falmouth, we found an old friend in Woods Hole, Pie in the Sky.  Outside, yet sheltered, my senses were hyper-alert, receptive, without judgement, excited, loving the wizened New Yorker speaking loudly on his cell phone.

My neighbor, the Hosta, was almost painfully beautiful, both in texture and depth of color, it was as though my eyes had not really been able to see for a long time.  Shocking, and reassuring, returning to another me I knew long ago.

Two days in, music has become important, as has walking.  There is such luxury, nothing is a rush, actions no longer feel committed on stolen time that can be taken back at any moment.  The possibilities are as limitless as an ocean, and as textured and interesting and deep.

We are fascinating creatures.

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