when in rome

IMG_5004The thing about Rome is that no matter how hard one tries, one can’t help the feeling of being a lead in a Fellini movie that features Vespas shooting around wildly at night.  So many lovely things to look at and buy on the Via Condotti, and everywhere else for that matter.  The city itself also, and the residents, are enchanting.  Who could blame someone for tottering along the cobblestones on heels impractically high? 



It’s hard to reconcile reality.  We tourists are a hot, tired, and sensorily overstimulated bunch.  We carry water bottles, eat lunch while we’re walking, butcher that beautiful language, brandish and fan ourselves with maps, and sneak into the bathrooms of McDonalds.  I suppose it is our job to enhance the beauty of the locals merely by being present.




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