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for blog post2OK, I suppose it’s time to walk away from Italy.  Perhaps we’ll be back, perhaps not.  Oh I do hope we will.  But here’s another story.  The photograph above is a spread from the book I will be talking about.  It could change, these things often do.

Many moons ago, when I worked at the Symphony, I was part of a fun HR consortium of arts, environmental and cultural non-profits in the greater Boston area.  We developed some great relationships and accomplished a lot.  Over time our leader, Paul from the Aquarium, left, and many of us took new jobs, left the workforce, or moved out of the area.  By chance,  I ran into Anne (previously) from Arts Boston, and she suggested we get together with Christina (previously) from Appalachian Mountain Club.

Out of this jolly lunch time get-together came the idea for a cookbook collaboration.  Christina is one of those well-informed people who is on good terms with her Vitamix, makes her own bread and knows how to use nutritional yeast.  Along with her mother and grandmother, they’ve created a rich culture of cooking and eating within their families, and Christina wanted to document this for her two middle school/high school aged kids, so we quickly got to work.

While she lives not so far away, we have been doing everything on line, and had come to a point where I wasn’t able to find a solution for certain design ideas she had.  She kept suggesting new things, I would try them and not think they were right, and so we went, round and around.  We were both trying, but somehow, there was a disconnect.

Enter, the Roman Holiday.  Putting the project aside allowed for a reset on my part.  Upon return, the solution arrived, obvious in retrospect – meeting in person to look and talk.  So, this morning Christina arrived with bounty from her garden and the local farm stand and we looked at some cookbooks and design ideas.

photoOf course, we very soon came up with a solution.  It is hard for me to remember that solutions are rarely complicated.  Just obscured.

Circling back, when I was in HR, I was a big believer in talking to people in person rather than emailing or calling.  Nice to by reminded, by my fellow ex-HR friend, that this still holds true.  Thanks, Christina.


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