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I know, this Italy thing is going on a long time.  When I look at my photographs, I think about the way that every part of me was engaged so much of the time. Sometimes it was tiring in a way that made me a bit inured to the beauty and different things I saw around me. What on the first day in Rome left me breathless (mostly color/light and those wonderful little alleys that I wasn’t able to do justice with in image) slowly became something I got used to. Now revisiting, I again appreciate the striking beauty.

I was very taken by color/texture/shapes. The colors above were better in person, and  it is funny to think that this was an area in a wall that I suppose was perfunctorily fixed.  I would use these colors in a room any day.


Even the plywood is beautiful.


And the texture and color of my daughter’s hair.

IMG_4986Really, the excitement and the mystery of this alley as we turned the corner made my heart feel full and light at the same time, I was present in that particular place and time inn a way that I can’t usually be.  There’s something about the scale of these small passageways that is more respectful of humans, providing us a better context than the larger spaces we experience here.  The light and colors don’t hurt either.


And how many crazy tunnelly courtyards are there, hiding who knows what in this magically mysterious city?



These trees, I want to envelop them and hold them or always be near or underneath them, live in them, I love them so very much.  I tell myself it’s because they provide a soft playfulness and a reminder of nature in the midst of an otherwise stony city.  But really I was wondering about past lives because they feel so much like home.

IMG_5381Those crooked, shiny, shallow steps invited me to sit and never leave.



Why can’t I live here at number 13 in the shadow of the Coliseum with a doorknob in the middle and diagonal cobblestones and a drain/vent that is beautiful all on it’s own?  



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