a sparkly silver lining

Barn_raising_supper_at_the_Klinck_home_in_Victoria_Square,_Markham_Township,_Ontario,_CanadaThe most recent population of Brookline, Massachusetts is 58,732.  We’re surrounded by train tracks, state roads, hospitals, colleges and lots of post-graduate ghettos. We hear generators, sirens, construction, demolition, dogs barking, kids crying and other things that often lead me to wish for a more pastoral environment. And with this hustle bustle comes an assumption that we are all city dwellers, doing our city thing.

When, today, we were forced to acknowledge a painful event, Brookline felt like “Our Town” in a way that made it all bearable.  There were many touching kindnesses and a lot of love, but the one event that brought up the most emotion for me was seeing so many elementary school teachers walk in to this very sad funeral, together, magisterial, beautiful, exuding love and support for this family.  Kindergarten, third grade, sixth grade, fourth grade, and then librarian, nurse, principal, vice principal, ex-after school director, crossing guard, administrators, guidance counselor.  I’m sure I’m missing some.

Suddenly, a vast, overwhelming and painful world becomes close, endearing, gentle, connected in a way that I hope will always be there.

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