A beginning and an end



For the first time in a while, I’ve just finished laying out a book draft for one of my clients, this one has done her own writing. As is custom, I started with a box of old photos that were as jumbled as my understanding of the various parts of the family.  Scanning each gives me a chance to look a little more closely, then become further acquainted when I size, straighten, crop, do some minor color adjusting and tag each photograph.  And yes, acquainted is the right word, because most photographs tell long and complex stories, especially in progression. By the time I’m done, I feel a strong connection to the person who’s life I’ve been peering into.

And then my time in Springfield or New London or World War II is over when the book is complete.  What’s left is an empty feeling from the severed connection, and an unbridled compassion for humankind, as we participate in and then complete our cycle of birth, life, love and death.

Mr. Bacon, may you rest as you lived, in peace.



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