an investment in the future


As our forbearing neighbors will attest, we have been having some work done on our house.  For many years, the front porches have soaked, sagged and chipped, bringing down real estate prices in our otherwise desirable neighborhood.  That we finally made the decision to replace them (the porches, not the neighbors) we hope makes the sounds of nail guns and happy, singing El Salvadorans a joy to behold.

Last year, a bunch of Philip’s family sold a house on the Cape that was an important part of their younger years. To mark the transition and create some closure, we all signed our names on the rafters in the basement, also putting the year on.  When a few weeks ago, a time capsule was found inside the unicorn or lion of the State House gold embellishment, Philip got the idea to hide a time capsule in our new porch.

When I came home last night, he and Nat had laid everything out on the kitchen table to be documented, knowing that the area we would hide it was to be closed up today.  Here is most of what people hopefully a long time from now will find inside: newspapers, something about the original deed, an American Girl catalog (they just keep coming), money, a tennis ball, our business cards, photographs of us, glasses, a softie, a cd, a pamphlet from an Italian tour bus, my first picture life book about my mom, an earring, a hair clip, a Stop and Shop card, some wool (ok, that I just really wanted to get rid of), a pair of flip flops, a cowrie shell, a note to the recipients,some pre-school art, light bulbs and a beautiful holiday card that a friend made.  I loved roaming around the house looking for junk that would be humorously confusing for people 100 years from now.  Stop and Shop card was perhaps the funniest, and also, what is all this paper stuff, who knew they used so much?

IMG_0890After that, Philip put everything in the shoe box you can see in the upper right hand corner, wrapped it in aluminum foil, again in plastic and tape and again in plastic.  This morning, we put it in the porch that will be sealed up today.  There’s Nat very ceremoniously putting it in its final resting place.

IMG_0896Short of hiring a lawyer to add an addendum to our deed (great idea, very low probability of actualization), we haven’t figured out how to communicate to future generations (we hope Nat’s great-grandkids) that it is there.  So, now you know.  Perhaps YOU will be the first human to live to the age of 300!



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