1950s Geoffrey maybe and JaimeI love this photograph for so many reasons.  Most obvious might be the colors, the composition of the image, the incidental conversation in tweeds with a pipe, I believe on a beach in Gloucester.

Geoffrey, facing us, was English, Jaime Chilean.  They met at Harvard Graduate School of Design, where they studied landscape architecture, were roommates and fell in love with the same woman.  Jaime, with his daring ideas, spirituality and foreignness, won.  The story of his union with Esmée is one I spent three years capturing, one of my all-time favorites.  Great photographs, lovely people.

Here are some photographs to give you a feel of their lives.

16_1927 Pedro Lizana X JJJB_Arturo Lizana X Camela Soto de Bravo and sister_X Zulema Jose Bellalta Nela Lizana de Sainte Marie Mario Lizana 75dpi

This is Jaime’s family, who lived in Uruguay and Chile, settling there after many trips back and forth between Santiago and Barcelona.

Scan 10Esmée’s uncle and mother and aunt.  Can you tell they’re English?

49_Wedding Jaime_Esmee04Esmée and Jaime on their wedding day

55e_1957_chile kids -vespar

Esmée with the first three of her ten children in Santiago.

VI fie 56 - Fiesta Griega (familiares 19_24) -015

Esmée and a poet friend, Godo, at a Greek party in Santiago.

86_Esmee Jaime in Chile3

Esmée and Jaime at their fiftieth wedding anniversary.  Still in love.


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