I first met Mary under a fluorescent bulb in a room with no windows, at that time that’s not day or evening, when It’s easy to waffle about whether to pack it in for the night or rally and make something of it. That particular day I wanted to retreat, as I invariably do when sailing out into uncharted waters.

We were two of 8 or 9 that had signed up for a course in mid-career counseling, and I remember thinking that Mary could hardly put herself in such a seasoned category, appearing to be in her twenties.  But then in her own way, Mary has been around for a long time.  Throughout the course, we struggled with our fears, indecision, but mostly inability to believe that we should choose an abstract idea over the reliable paycheck we relied upon at the time. Mary finished the course thinking she would leave her graphic design job for a career in Art Therapy.  And I left unsure about what direction to pursue, but confident that leaving my current job was the right thing.

As we both settled into our new lives, Mary got married, had a child and began taking photographs again.  She did a bunch of weddings, producing images that unlike most, were full of life and personality, of art.  Around the same time, I was thinking about developing my business into one that made wedding books, and I asked Mary if I could use one of her photographs.  She gave me a few choices, and while it was hard to narrow down, I chose the one above.

I don’t know this couple and hope that they’re happy married and daily reflecting the same  enthusiasm that’s in this image, which I believe is set at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester.

While Mary and I made an attempt at collaboration a few years back, she was pulled in the direction of bringing a beautiful cookbook out to the world,,  while I continued on with my books that the public never sees, never really figuring out the wedding thing. I hope that some day we can work together, and though I haven’t seen Mary in a while, I like the feeling that she’s out there in the world and our paths will cross at some point.

Here is her website, take a look and hire her if you need photos of people, food or things.

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