This piece of paper that keeps appearing, well it makes sense to me that I ripped it out, though I’ve no memory of the context.  The part about being in a period of discovery most certainly rang true.

This spring it became clear to me that in order for picture life books to make a reasonable amount of money, either quality would have to be sacrificed or prices raised significantly.  Not willing to do the former, nor in a position to do the latter, I spent much of the summer reflecting on the conundrum and trying to determine the best way to move forward. Unmoored is the best way to describe the feeling – both the good floaty and the scary infinite parts. Discovery, indeed.

Temporarily, my old standby HR seemed the thing to grab onto for a bit of stability.  And so I have been interviewing while trying to figure out short and long-term plans.  Now, an HR person interviewing with HR people for an HR job has implications I can’t begin to get my head around, it’s actually funny in many ways.  Today I received this email, one I have written so many times:

I was finally able to connect with my colleagues about the XX position, so I’m writing with an update. Right now, they would like me to pursue some applicants that they believe are a closer match for what they are looking for, so at this time we won’t be able to pursue your candidacy further. If anything changes on our end, I will most definitely circle back to you, but for now, unfortunately, we won’t be able to continue to pursue your candidacy.

I really appreciate your time and the opportunity to hear about the great work you are doing. Best wishes in your job search and hope to have the opportunity to connect with you again in the future.

I find myself at once overwhelmed by the current situation and emails like this, excited about a future full of new opportunity, and proud of the work I’ve put in the world. It helps me to know that I will continue to make books, I’ll just be doing one at a time.

book stack

ps.  Full article from top snipped can be found here  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/28/sports/tennis/serena-williams-and-le-coach-seek-a-new-wimbledon-triumph.html?_r=0


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