summer into fall


Another great image from unsplash that I wish I had taken when I was at Millennium Park in Chicago last week. Although we had thought about how the 6 am departure would mean a 3:45 wake up, we erroneously assumed an early hotel check-in.  Some of us chose to bide time sleeping on the grass, while others sat in red seats like these and felt the Bach B Minor Mass rehearsal go all the way through us.

It is really hard to work for yourself in the summer.  Momentum is a challenge.

But the garden’s looking good.

When giving my taller-than-me-daughter a ride to work yesterday, I took the route I knew she biked daily, and asked what she usually looked at during her commute.  At first she replied, “Not much, I’m usually in a rush.”, then elaborated that she had regulars she saw, using them as gauges to know whether she’s running late or not.  It was then that I knew her first year in high school would be just fine.


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