This book captures the life and marriage of a very colorful couple who fill a space as few can. We worked with Sarah to record tales about her enviable life, defined by adventure, geographic variety, entertainment, incredible beauty and luxury. Tales of Russian spies, exotic pets, ships burned and lost at sea, polo ponies, practical jokes on stern Communist leaders, all are in this book.

While most of the interviews took place in London, we also worked via Skype, e-mail and good old-fashioned phone calls. We do love to travel, though.

Photographs had been tucked away in a drawer and were in a state of chaos. As our client had an unfriendly scanner, we took everything and made it all work, keeping logistical headaches and logjams at bay.
sample book
“I can not say enough positive things about working with Anna and picture life books. I decided to commission a book about my grandmother-in-law so that my children would have a keepsake of her as they grew. Everyone is thrilled to have this book about their cherished family member. It allows us to hear her story in her voice. It is a gift like no other”