Nancy and Judy (pictured here in Key West as teenagers) were "Navy brats," moving around to some pretty cool places (How about Hawaii before it was a state?). They remain incredibly close, and have the endearing habit of finishing each others’ sentences and laughing before the other tells the punch line. Their kids wanted to preserve this intimacy along with some of the stories and photographs their mothers had shared over the years.

We met with both of them a few times for long interview sessions (Nancy lives on Cape Cod and Judy in Florida, so we took advantage of their travel schedule), then followed up via email and phone. The resulting book takes the reader from the Civil War up to the present and is an enjoyable read whether you know the sisters or not!
sample book
“picture life books created a beautiful book about my mother and her sister in their growing up years, capturing their memories and photos in one place for all our family to enjoy for generations to come. My mother and her sister enjoyed hours of laughter and memories going through their stories with Anna, who created an artful narrative out of a mishmash of dates, memories and vague recollections! While we imagined this would be a gift for my mother and her sister, it may be even more a treasure for us “kids”, grand kids and beyond. We are all thrilled to have our own copy to treasure in our homes. Thank you so much for this priceless gift!“